Don’t Mask The Pain With Cortizone, Fix the Problem!

In the modern day fast pace of society, we came up with “the Corticosteroids injection”  this mythical drug  promises to cure everything and anything.

It’s the quick fix “THE MAGIC BULLET” what everyone is looking for… doing the less work but getting the instant symptomatic relief, rather then addressing the cause of the pain! What I mean is that you haven’t actually fixed what is IMPORTANT the MULTIFACTORIAL causes of the injury or pain.

In physio therapy world cortisone has been building a bad rep due to the fact its overly prescribed and it’s effects are oversold. Heaps of people have been mislead to believe that their alignment is magically healed because they have no more pain after the injection.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Once they return to pre-injury activities, the pain WILL RETURN.

Don’t get me wrong, I have noting against Corticosteroids. If it’s used correctly for people with severe pain, if REHAB  to be performed with more comfort which can successfully change the underlying cause of the condition and allow the recovery. 💪🏻

My final message to you all is, there are NO Magic Quick Fix will cure your alignment and rethink before you decided to get your second or third shot of Corticosteroids injection.

Cheers to healthy body!

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Geeny Hanjunko
I’ve studied Exercise Science for 20 years and I make sure my clients understand the fundamentals of lifting so they can properly activate their muscles to ensure optimal gains.

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