Fall in Love With the Rhomboids

You want to look instantly younger then fall in love with the rhomboids. You look like a walking apostrophe. Your chest is sunken. You’ve got the “grandpa hunch” going.

Not only does it make you look old, it also really impacts your fitness gains.

Now, you may be thinking, “Hey, I do rows!” Sadly, most people row in a way that’s so dynamic that the Olympic lifts seem slow in comparison. The biceps and lower back get dangerously close to injured and the key pulling muscles continue to nap.

Luckily, I can’t think of anything easier to fix. The password here is rhomboids, those funny little muscles in your back.

The rhomboid is like your back’s designated driver: you really should appreciate it, but, well, you forget.

The rhomboid is there to simply retract your shoulder blades. The problem is, it seems glad to let momentum do the work for you. The rhomboid was classified by Janda as a fast-twitch muscle or what he called a “phasic muscle.” It weakens with age or disuse.

A typical workout ignores the rhomboids. Developing this muscle in the middle of your upper back will balance your workout and help you stand taller. Moreover, most guys struggling to gain lean body mass also seem to have posture issues that lead to soft issue issues that lead to long-term issues.

Ignoring the rhomboid will age you, no doubt. If you want to look instantly younger in ten days, then fall in love with the rhomboid. Starting with a simple move can build you up, check for side-to-side issues, add years to your training, and take years off your posture.

I always begin with the pattern. In the basic pull, you may have already ingrained the use of speed and momentum. But don’t ignore the weaker, smaller areas. Such as seated rows I’m demonstrating in this video.
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