Stop Doing Lower Back Pain Crunches!

PLEASE STOP DOING CRUNCHES FOR LOWER BACK PAIN by Minimized the Ab workouts includes hip flexor muscles.

It always surprises me that even though we are in the year 2018, I still constantly encounter people whose “CORE” program involves some form of crunches.

For those of you who have been following our series would know, CORE more appropriately recognised as trunk stability needs to incorporate more than just isolated strengthening of the 6-pack muscle (rectus abdominis) which tends to be targeted by crunches.⠀A holistic “core program” needs to be DYNAMIC (moves through range) & FUNCTIONAL (specific to the movement requirements of the individual).

Take for example a rugby or football athlete who hurt their lower back while playing a match. Following the acute stage, rehabilitation must include exercises that targets MOVEMENT THAT IS SPECIFIC to what the athlete will undergo while playing. The program must incorporate elements of running, jumping, twisting, & tackling to prep the athlete for return to play.

Failure to do so means a HEIGHTENED RISK of RE-INJURY especially when they encounter a foreign movement i.e. sprinting, bending and twisting at the same time while trying to salvage a bad pass/fumble. 🚑⠀

This principle can be applied to all athletes or workers.1) Identify the specific movement that they will undergo.⠀2) Strengthen those movements segmentally!3) Strengthen them dynamically and functionally!

Reach out to if you have any questions !

Cheers to healthy back and strong core!

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