It’s Time To Save Grandma!

It’s NEVER too late to save our grandmother from developing her severe dowager’s hump. Many studies show hunchback treatment includes staying active, strengthening back muscles especially T-spine (thoracic spine) along the spine, and slowing bone density loss. Working on her posture and keeping her degenerative arthritis from progressing further.

My client below, she was referred to me due to her lower constant back pain and that stabbing pain she will have in her calf muscle… later found our she have serious osteoarthritis and many back surgeries and injections in her back.
In her case I believe that both poor posture and degenerative disc disease caused by osteoarthritis may also contribute to kyphosis in many older people

I’m writing this article to inform you and your love once shouldn’t except that it’s part of “Normal” process to have a “hutch back” Women & men with kyphosis are not doomed to kyphosis. In addition to trying to eat right, taking our nutritional supplements and using CORRECTIVE therapies for bone health, working on posture and strengthening your back muscles with resistance training exercise. Both will help for reversing kyphosis and other osteoporosis symptoms.

Cheers to healthy Back and let’s grow taller! 🙂

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Geeny Hanjunko
I’ve studied Exercise Science for 20 years and I make sure my clients understand the fundamentals of lifting so they can properly activate their muscles to ensure optimal gains.

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