Why Does Your Lower Back Hurt?

If your lower back hurts, you better make sure your  Hips and middle/ upper back are moving well!

It’s not the lower backs fault for hurting most of the time.

– understanding a baseline level of your bodies and I to me and biomechanics can go along way. The body is series of joint connected by Myofascial tissue.

– The problem arises when the body stops acting as an interconnected unit. A huge part of this is loss of joint mobility/imbalances around a joint. If the joints can’t get into all of their normal human joint position, then you will start to see compensation come out in your movement patterns.

♦️ for the lower back:

🔑 it’s key to get the areas above and below to move well. The lower back is the base of the spine, and just like the base of a tree, it’s not designed to move too much (especially rotate)

🔑 The hips and ball and socket joints that are meant to have heaps of mobility (especially rotation)

🔑 The thoracic spine is also meant to have lots of mobility (especially rotation)

♦️ what happens when you get staff in the joint/region that are supposed to have heaps of movement in them?

You will be forced to compensate through other joint (that may not be meant to move that much)

✅ in this case, get your hips and thoracic spine are moving well, so your lower back and stick to doing its thing! Treat the body as a connected unit, things become much clearer and safer that way!

Please write to me if you are currently dealing with back pain so you can understand what’s the root cause of your pain.



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