Jennifer U.

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I needed some extra help to get myself back into shape and get a jump start on my fitness. I have worked out consistently for the past 5 years, but needed someone to help me get closer to the body I want. I had been doing the same workouts week after week and stopped seeing the results that I desired. In January, I began working with My Fitness Geeny 3 times a week. My goals were to drop body fat, gain muscle, and to generally improve my fitness level, flexibility and strength. With Geeny’s dedication, attention to proper form and the constant changing of the workouts that she creates for me I am getting much closer to the goals that I have set for myself. Her knowledge of how the entire body works is amazing. I have worked with other trainers for long periods of time in the past, but the way Geeny trains is more effective and I have gotten results much faster than in the past. Each workout is different, and we hit each muscle group from every possible angle. In January, at the start of my program with Geeny, I weighed in at 162 lbs. with 25% Body Fat. I am now down to 148 lbs. and 19.2% Body Fat. I have also lost a combined total of 16 inches. The motivation and expertise that Geeny provides has kept me working hard and is so much a part of the reason that this time I WILL reach my goals. More important than anything else, I feel healthy, strong and fit.

-Jennifer U.

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