Sheong C.

“I am a self proclaimed gym rat but years of bad posture and using the wrong muscles for my workout routine led to lower back issues. Symptoms of a herniated disc with sharp shooting pains that radiated from my lower back to my knees plagued me. Massage therapy and acupuncture only offered me temporary relief. I sought Geeny’s professional help for my lower back issue and I am very grateful to her that after 3 months of customized training and stretching, I no longer experience any back or knee pains. I have resumed attending gym classes. Her expertise in functional training and specific stretching exercises, not only helped promote healing but helped me develop a good posture and strong back muscles. As part of the recovery regiment, Geeny shared invaluable knowledge on how my muscles move together. Armed with such knowledge, I am able to take preventative measures and apply the correct moves in my workout routine. ”

– Sheong C.

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